The Funniest Running T-Shirts You’ll See

The Funniest Running T-Shirts You'll See

Running is one of the most enjoyable fitness activities there is. Enjoying the cool morning air refreshing your spirits is truly a joyful emotion. Running helps you have fun and maintain good health at the same time. A good run can help you burn out extra calories and fat, maintain your fitness and stamina, and improve your immunity. It also prevents the risk of various orthopedic and cardiac diseases. There is no harm in adding a tinge of humor to something so beneficial, is there? That is why we have here for you a variety of running T-Shirts with hilarious quotes written on them:

The Funniest Running T-Shirts You'll See
The Funniest Running T-Shirts You’ll See

Funny Running T-Shirts:

1. “Pardon My French Toast”- This will undoubtedly inspire a laugh from your fellow passersby. 

2. “Running On Dr. Pepper And Dry Shampoo” – We know it is not a good idea to run on them, but it is still funny *wink*.

3. “If Found On Ground Please Drag Across Finish Line”- What a great way to greet your fellow runners on the race track. No matter how you finish, you still did.

4. “I Run Slow So That I Can Make Everyone Else Look Good (You’re Welcome)”- How considerate of you to think so much of your fellow runners.

5. “I Am Only Half-Crazy” – We know that it could be worse, especially if you are a marathoner.

6. “If You See Me Collapse, Pause My Garmin” – You sure have gotten your priorities sorted, we must say.

7. “Training For The Zombie Apocalypse” – Ummm, slow like the walking dead zombies, right? We got your back!”

8. “If You Can Read This, I Am Not The Last” – Can’t stop laughing from this one! Can’t catch our breath! This t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the funniest that we have ever seen.

9. “Your Pace Or Mine?” – We can see the cameras zooming in on these lovebirds. Happy Romancing!

10. “I Love Running. I Hate Running.” – Oh, we totally feel you in this one, buddy. Been there, done that.

Sarcastic T-Shirts:

The Funniest Running T-Shirts You'll See
The Funniest Running T-Shirts You’ll See

11. “I Don’t Run And If You Ever See Me Running Around You Should Probably Run Too Because Something Is Chasing Me.”- Oh. Shit. That was scary. Are you trying to be funny?

12. “I Run Because I Really Like Beer”- All of us have our reasons.

13. “Will Run For Wine” – We will too, you know.

14. “Gingerbread Running Team. Can’t Catch Me.” – We will still keep trying.

15. “I Run, Even Though I Know That I Am Slower Than A Herd Of Sloths On Nutella” – Oh, we totally feel you in this one buddy. It is just one of those things we cannot do anything about.

16. “Running Sucks” – And you know what the best part about it is? That you still keep doing it.

17. “My Sport Is Your Sports Punishment” – We would like to be punished like that, won’t we?

18. “Designated Stuff Holder” – Don’t tempt us, please.

19. “I Thought They Said Rum” – Oh! We are sorry for you.

20. T-shirt with the saying “Seems Like A Lot Of Work Just For Free Bananas.”- It is.

21. “World’s Okayest Runner” – We like your Honesty.

22. “Running Buddy” – You are the best!

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