Running- This Is What All You Should Know

Running- This Is What All You Should Know

There is no doubt in the fact that running is beneficial for health. Further, it has been proven by research that it is good for the functioning of your lungs and raising the level of good cholesterol in your body.

Different Running Styles

There are different styles which can help you in preventing injuries during your run such as

Chi Running

Danny Dreyer developed this style. Chi running includes the principle of pilates, tai chi and yoga. However, the running style focuses on alignment of the posture, use of the core muscles, and landing with the midfoot strike.

Pose Running

It is quite similar to chi. The style features body in S-like position and the knees slightly bent. Moreover, it reduces the impact on the knees.

Further, it aids in preventing injuries. Also, it improves the training and eliminates the need for orthotics.

Natural Running

Also known as barefoot running, it includes landing on your barefoot rather than your heel. Moreover, you land directly under the hips or through a shorter stride.

Benefits For The Body :

Helps In Reducing The Weight

It is one of the best exercises for reducing weight. Further, it aids in burning those extra calories. Moreover, research says that going for a run is more beneficial for weight loss than walking.

Running Boosts Your Confidence

Also, it boosts the confidence and self-esteem of the people. Thus, it makes you more comfortable approaching and talking to people.

Running- This Is What All You Should Know
Running- This Is What All You Should Know

Relieve Stress From The Body

A quick run helps to refresh your mood and subsequently flush out all the toxins from the body. Further, it eliminates all the negative thoughts from the mind.

Moreover, it calms your mind and helps in taking decisions effectively.

Fights Common Cold

According to research, running boosts immunity and helps to fight diseases like the common cold. Moreover, people who are runners show relatively low symptoms of diseases than others.

Give A Dose Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for your skin, bones, and immunity. Further, going for a run in the morning sun provide vitamin D to your body. Moreover, morning run also helps in keeping you energetic throughout the day.

Prevents High Blood Pressure

The arteries expand and contract while running. Therefore, it helps to keep your arteries fit and thereby keep your blood pressure in the normal range.

Increases The Strength Of Joints

Running- This Is What All You Should Know
Running- This Is What All You Should Know

It increases the strength of ligaments and tendons. Further, it helps to withstand more stress on the legs.

Helps You Sleep Better

A survey revealed that people who go for a run have better sleep patterns than other people. Moreover, you feel less tired during the day.

Try making up your mind for a quick run early in the morning to refresh your body.

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